Féilire / Calendar

Wed 30 August

Athoscailt na Scoile

To Wed 30th August 2023 School Re-opening

Mon 30 October

Briseadh Leath-Théarma

To Fri 3rd November 2023 Mid-Term Break

Sun 25 December

Laethanta Saoire Na Nollag

To Fri 5th January 2024 Christmas Holidays

Mon 5 February

Lá Saoire Bainc

To Mon 5th February 2024 Bank Holiday

Mon 12 February

Briseadh Leath-Théarma

To Fri 16th February 2024 Mid-Term Break

Mon 18 March

Lá le Pádraig

To Mon 18th March 2024 St Patrick's Day Bank Holiday

Mon 25 March

Laethanta Saoire na Cásca

To Fri 5th April 2024 Easter Holidays

Mon 6 May

Saoire Bainc

To Mon 6th May 2024 Bank Holiday

Mon 3 June

Saoire Bainc

To Mon 3rd June 2024 Bank Holiday

Wed 26 June

Laethanta Saoire an tSamhraidh

To Wed 26th June 2024 Summer Holidays

Wed 4 October